ROSSI 220 Amp GTAW Stick Gas Tungsten Arc Portable Inverter


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The Rossi TIG-220D – powerful, yet extremely lightweight 2-in-1 220Amp TIG/Stick iGBT inverter welder is the must have stick welder for any handyman or serious DIYer. Highly compact and featuring true iGBT DC inverter technology, you’re assured an instant start and deep penetration. The advanced cooling system with its large fan ensures heat dissipates effectively for continued high performance and durability.

With an efficient pure copper Toroidal Transformer and output current that is adjustable between 10A and 220A, you can achieve a quality weld on a wide range of base metals; steel, stainless steel, cast iron, chromoly, copper, brass, and exotic metals such as Magnesium and Titanium.

When TIG welding you can achieve highly aesthetic welds thanks to precise temperature adjustment and the Post Flow Controller. When stick welding this awesome unit is capable of running a wide range of electrodes is well suited stick welding thick metals outdoors and even in windy conditions, and is forgiving when working on dirty or rusty metals. The features of the transistor bridge combine to make a continuous current rectifier – the high speed and precise regulation with high welding current continuity produce superior results with both general stick electrode and special purpose rods.

Whether you’re welding at home or work, the Rossi TIG-220D Inverter Arc Welder will give you a quality weld every time.

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