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The new ROSSI NextGen TIG-200 Dual Function TIG/MMA Welder has landed and is fast becoming our most demanded multifunction welder. The compact lightweight unit features true DC inverter technology offering instant start, deep penetration and a smooth quality weld using our SYN-Weld technology.

The Rossi TIG-200 DC Inverter Welder use Argon as its shield gas and is adjustable from 5-200A to produce burn and spatter free results – even with sheet metal. This amazing TIG/MMA welder is capable of welding 4mm solid rod for TIG welding or Flux coated for MMA applications. A must have for any tradesmen, contract welder or handyman, the entire Rossi range has a proven track record of innovation, performance and reliability – your guarantee of smooth accurate results every time.

The TIG-200 is a breakthrough machine that uses IGBT technology to maximise efficiency, reliability, high switching speed and power handling in a compact size. It comes complete with an Argon gas regulator. The pure copper cables mean higher efficiency and consistent voltage and current transmission. The high quality DC Inverter allows an increased duty cycle, meaning you can push this powerhouse to it’s limit!

This awesome lightweight compact ‘Go anywhere’ welder is compatible with most ferrous and other highly conductive metals like mild or stainless steel, chrome moly and more. It’s ideal for fabrication, repairs or metal body works!

The transistor bridge, IGBT, technology provides continuous current rectification. This allows for improved efficiency with power conversion exceeding 85%. The entire range of Rossi welders feature IGBT Inverter technology meaning they are 30% lighter, more compact and easier to use than ever.

Rossi products are backed in Australia; C-Tick approved and fully compliant with mandatory EMC legislation so don’t let this one get by – BUY NOW and weld like a pro!

Rossi – Total Welding Power!

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