BAUMR-AG Jack Hammer Chisel Bit 30mm Hex Accessories Floor Scraper


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The Baumr-AG Jack Hammer Floor Scraper Chisel completely transforms your jack hammer from a serious earth breaker into a floor scraping machine. You can rest assured knowing this 13cm wide super tough flexible steel chisel is certain to get you through those tricky DIY demolition tasks like a hot knife through butter.

Don’t break your body trying to remove old flooring surfaces from tricky adhesive and stubborn mortar with manual floor scraping tools. This chisel will do the job in a fraction of the time. It’s perfect for removing slate, tiles, vinyl, lino and eco-flooring with force and precision. The flexible steel tip naturally allows the blade to get underneath the flooring material and separate it from the surface.

Make no mistake, Baumr-AG are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality, bringing the highest commercial standard in demolition equipment.

So whether you’re a professional tradesperson or doing DIY demolition, do yourself a favour and purchase your NEW Baumr-AG Jack Hammer Floor Scraper Chisel today!

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