BAUMR-AG Jack Hammer Star Picket Stake Post Driver Chisel Jackhammer


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This 80mm Stake/ Pin Driving Chisel transforms your jackhammer into a foundation and underpinning king! Got formwork, ground stabilisation or retaining walls to build? This industry standard 80mm Stake Driver can be used to firmly drive ground pins super quick – meaning more in your back pocket! The deep 40mm recessed head ensures plenty of material contact, making even horizontal work a breeze. A true contractor grade bit ready to provide years of destruction!

The perfect trade tool for concrete floors, retaining walls, hard clay and underpinning. Get the job done fast and efficiently!

Make no mistake, Baumr are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality comparable to that of chisels retailing for more than $280 – a bold statement backed up by an extensive One Year Warranty!

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