Baumr-AG 2400W Pro-Grade Electric Demolition Jackhammer, with 3 Bonus Chisels,


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The Baumr-AG BMJK-24S Mk II 2400W Pro-Grade Jackhammer is a full commercial-grade unit with precision wound copper induction motor. It combines a professional grade hardened steel crank and reduction gear set, making it one of the few Jackhammers of this calibre you will find. This combination along with the forged steel body means less vibration and more efficient energy transfer, giving the BMJK-24S greater impact force at the ram head!

The BMJK-24S Mk II has massive torque! Combined with the superior construction, it delivers maximum power for demolition works. Whether it be breaking up concrete, digging, chipping, squaring or grooving, it is the perfect tool on-site. The Baumr-AG 2400W Jackhammer also makes removing tiles, old pebblecrete, stone and masonry fascia a breeze. Need to renovate that kitchen or bathroom, tear down a worn-out retaining wall? This tool makes easy work of your demolition projects.

PLUS! This outstanding package includes 3 chisels for chipping, tiling and grooving! And an impact-resistant carry-all case, work gloves and safety glasses!

The Baumr-AG 2400W Pro-Grade series Jackhammer is the definitive tool for any demolition task, large or small! The BMJK-24S Mk II has a standard quick change 30mm hex ram head that is compatible with the most popular commercial attachments.

When it comes to getting the job done fast, there’s nothing like having the best equipment at your fingertips. Make an investment in quality tools for your business.


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