Baumr-AG 1500W Pro-Grade Electric Rotary Jackhammer Hammer Drill, with 2


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The Baumr-AG BMJK-150 1500W SDS Plus is a heavy-duty commercial-grade impact driver/drill that utilises a compact copper core induction motor for efficient power delivery over prolonged use. Combined with a hardened steel gear set, this unit delivers maximum torque in a lightweight body. This multifunction unit can be used as a Jackhammer, Hammer Drill, Drill or Impact Driver—making this a truly versatile tool!

The Baumr-AG 1500W SDS Plus is packed with high-quality parts and professional features, including heavy-duty bearings, hardened steel crank and gear set, and ergonomic handles to limit vibration and reduce user fatigue. The most important of these is a lightweight, balanced, professional-grade, compact, 1500 watt, copper cast, induction motor.

The Baumr-AG1500W SDS Plus comes with a moil tool (pyramidal point) and a 20mm chisel for tile removal, light demolition and rehab work! This outstanding package includes 3 Bonus Carbide SDS-Plus masonry bits. The SDS chuck is also compatible with standard SDS bits and tools. Plus, it comes with an SDS-Plus adaptor to attach a standard chuck for use with standard drill and driver bits.

The 1500W BMJK-150 Series II is the perfect tool for drilling, chipping or removing brickwork, tile scraping, dynabolt setting and driving large fasteners into tough materials. This is the ultimate “go to” tool while on site. When it comes to getting the job done right, there is no faster way to get it done.

There’s nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality tools.


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