WARTON 2″ 8HP High-Pressure Water Pump,


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The Warton PRO-50HLE Series IV, Diesel Powered High Pressure Pump offers the ultimate in serious water movement. Put out a fire, fill a swimming pool or do some incredibly heavy duty cleaning – the Warton PRO-50HLE Diesel Water Pump is the ideal machine.

These units are at the height of their class with an extensive list of features. Electric key start-fires your 8HP pump into instant action maintaining huge pressure at 28,000LPH. Meanwhile, the full size diesel tank saves you running back to the shed for more gas! Its cast iron pump housing has superior pressure holding compared to aluminum versions and features a single outlet – a fantastic feature for watering grounds and related applications.

Ideal for dams, creek supplies, rainwater tanks, irrigation, fire preparation, water transfer and general use, the Warton PRO-50HLE Series IV can even move water up steep inclines. The diesel engine featured on the 50HLE produces less noise and demands lower maintenance costs compared with its petrol powered rivals.

The Warton 50HLE is equipped with Uni-seal hard wearing mechanical main seals ensuring zero air and water leakage, meaning consistent function. Furthermore, the PRO-50HLE Series IV is easy to operate and transport.

When it comes to getting the job done fast, there’s nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality equipment and buy a Warton PRO-50HLE Series IV Water Pump today!

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