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The VALK® Synergy 5™ MKII electric scooter features the highest quality components and is crafted with precision. This VALK® is a synergy of exclusive advanced technology that sets it apart.

Dynamic Performance
With an advanced 400 watt brushless motor you can experience exhilarating acceleration. You have 2 modes to select from, allowing you to zip along at speeds of up to 25km/h.

Premium Battery
Battery technology quality varies significantly between brands of e-scooters. At the heart of the Synergy 5™ MKII is its premium-grade 37V 7.5Ah battery, which offers an impressive genuine range of up to 25km and an excellent cycle life!

Dyno-Shock Suspension
Twin heavy-duty springs soak up the bumps for a more comfortable ride with optimal handling across all urban terrain! The system also protects the motor from big impacts which means maximum longevity.

Full-sized Design
Unlike other models on the market, the Synergy 5 MKII is a full-sized frame that is specifically designed for optimal handling and safety when ridden by an adult.

2-Way Braking System
Serious stopping power is on tap thanks to the 2-way braking system which combines a rear disc with electronic braking.

High-Grade 6063A Alloy Frame
Despite a massive battery system and a heavy-duty motor, the Synergy 5™ weighs in at a reasonable 12.5kg thanks to a premium aluminium frame. The frame boasts superb torsional strength for optimal handling and to prevent breakages that other models experience.

Premium Comfort
The Synergy 5 features an ultra-soft polymer deck and rubber texturised brake levers and handlebar grips.

Smooth Ride
The large 8.5-inch tyres with internal honeycomb technology ensure a smooth ride, predictable handling and the benefit of never risking a puncture or requiring refilling with air!

Quick Fold Design
A pull of the quick-release lever folds the frame and it clips into position in just 3 seconds–great for storage or rolling onto public transport! Simply, unlatch, fold and click into place.

Cruise Control
This function locks in the speed so that you can relax and take in the scenery.

VALK® – Electric Revolution


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