UNIMAC CB300 MKII Pneumatic Air T-Nailer Concrete Nail Gun


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The latest in automatic nailing technology has arrived with UNIMAC’s new series. The CB300 MKII is Unimac’s answer to the perfect all-rounder nail gun.

The CB300 MKII Heavy-Duty Wood-to-Concrete Nailer is designed to piece the toughest of projects together such as house frames or decking foundation. With a versatile 14 gauge 18-64mm nail range, you can tackle more jobs with fewer tools. The unique quick-load magazine makes it easy to know when you’re just about out of ammo, but with a massive 70 nail capacity you needn’t worry about constantly reloading – a fantastic feature for uninterrupted productivity!

Plug and go with the standard ΒΌ” NPT connection. Just hook up to an air compressor of 120PSI maximum and start firing. The lightweight aluminium body is balanced for ease of control and houses the oversized piston that allows you to shoot through the toughest of materials.

The CB300 MKII is the durable and reliable performer you’ve been looking for, built to Unimac’s precise patented specifications. Ergonomically designed for prolonged use with its comfortable elastomer grip.

Included with the CB300 MKII is a bonus high-impact carrying case, complete with oil for lubrication, and safety glasses.

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Note: Fasteners are standard and can be purchased at hardware stores

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