UNIMAC 96W Electric Multi Function Tool Sharpener for Drill Bits


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The Unimac MFS-3 96W Multifunctional Tool Sharpener is a super handy multi purpose sharpener that has been intently built to resurrect your tired blades and tool bits back to life. Its versatile design utilises 3 different modules to sharpen a whole host of blades and tips around your workshop.

Knife & Scissor Sharpener:

Sharpens all straight edged knives and scissors with its unique top for sharpening knives and precisely angled slot for sharpening scissors.

High Speed Steel Drill Bit Sharpener:

Sharpens all high speed steel (HSS) drill bits between 3-13mm, using its unique true point action to ensure an accurate finish. This module precisely locates HSS for correct sharpening angles and even re-sharpens broken drill bits.

Chisel & Plane Sharpener:

Sharpens chisel and plane blades between 6-51mm wide by use of the grinding platform providing a 15 degrees -50 degrees adjustable angle range. A powerful integral magnet keeps the blade secure, and a protective shield lends itself for added protection.

The sharpening modules are conveniently slotted on and off the operation end of the unit when needed, with holster slots situated on the sides of the unit for each module that is not in use. The MFS-3 features a 10mm diamond coated sharpening wheel for professional, precision sharpening. This compact unit can be transported with you in your toolbag to take on the move, or permanently mounted to your workbench.

This is an extremely easy to operate machine with so many sharpening and restorative purposes, saving you money on replacement parts and bringing back the satisfaction of using sharp, high performing tools. Order your very own NEW Unimac MFS-3 96W Multifunctional Tool Sharpener today!

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