UNIMAC 50KW Portable Industrial Diesel Indirect Forced Air Space


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The 50KW Unimac UMDHT-88 MkII Industrial Diesel Space Heater provides an instant, effective and dependable heat source for a wide range of commercial, agricultural and industrial uses. This Fan Heater boasts a massive 1,100m³ per hour heat output and electric start ignition. With its portable compact design it is perfect for positioning where needed to keep staff productive in well-ventilated carpentry and mechanics and workshops, warehouses, greenhouses. It’s also ideal for drying paint and plaster quickly, so you can get on with the job at hand.

With a powerful fan for efficient heating, the UMDHT-88 heats a space of up to 720m² with ease. It offers an impressive 12 hour runtime thanks to its 56L fuel tank. It comes with oversized wheels for easy manoeuvrability and a rugged steel construction to withstand the tough demands of industrial applications. It features a fuel gauge display ensuring that you can easily keep tabs on your oil level, standard SAA approved plug and an easy-to-use control panel with a digital temperature display for convenient operation.

Importantly, this Portable Blow Heater is an exceedingly safe unit to have functioning in busy environments. It has built-in features which protect against overheating, flame-outs and electrical power breakdowns. Moreover, it operates on both Diesel and Kerosene fuel for greater versatility.

Warm up your workshop in no time. Order a UNIMAC UMDHT-88 MkII 50KW Diesel Industrial Heater today!

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