UNIMAC 110L Benchtop Sandblasting Cabinet, with Sandblast Gun Set with Hose, LED Light


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UNIMAC prepares you for surface repairs, welding, refinishing or repainting with ease, even etching glass for added versatility. Our versatile portable sandblasting tank is ideal for cars, trucks, machinery, and more.

Durable Construction

Made from quality steel plate with a precise pressure gauge and a 38-litre tank size with a 32-litre media capacity. It operates from 60 to 125 PSI and delivers 30% more blasting power than siphon units. Portable and efficient, it ensures you can tackle tasks on the go, with a heavy-duty tank and frame boasting a powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance, along with rubber-gripped handles and sturdy wheels for mobility and easy maneuverability.

Premium Kit

Featuring an easy-to-use media delivery gun with a spring-loaded auto-closing nozzle, and four ceramic nozzles. The portable blaster removes paint, rust, and corrosion easily. The long 2.5 metre hose reaches into tight spaces, while safety features like a feeding valve, non-slip handles, and fixed feet ensure peace of mind during operation. The kit includes a safety mask, thread tape, and funnel, making it a “ready to blast” solution.

Whether it’s electromechanical equipment or steel beams, this kit offers the perfect solution for surface preparation needs.

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