UNIMAC 150L Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Auto Parts Washer, for




Introducing the UNIMAC Garage Parts Washer 150L, the ultimate solution for keeping your vehicle in top condition and effectively cleaning those grimy parts. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this parts washer is equipped with a user-friendly submersible pump and a flexible chrome metal spout and hose, making it effortless to use. Its durable and stylish design ensures it blends seamlessly into any garage space, whether it’s in a professional workshop or at home.

With a generous 91-litre fluid capacity, the UNIMAC 150L parts washer is perfect for tackling a wide range of automotive, motorbike, bicycle, and other small parts cleaning tasks. Built to last, it boasts sturdy construction and reliable performance, providing peace of mind for all your cleaning needs.

Safety is paramount with the UNIMAC parts washer. It features a fusible link safety lid stay that automatically closes the lid in the event of a fire, ensuring maximum protection for you and your surroundings. Additionally, the sump has a filter that prevents grime, dirt, sand, or metal shavings from recirculating and causing clogs and damage to the pump, enhancing the longevity of the machine.

Efficient, reliable, and built to handle the toughest cleaning jobs, the UNIMAC Garage Parts Washer 75L is the perfect addition to any workshop or garage. Say goodbye to dirty parts and hello to sparkling cleanliness with this indispensable tool by your side

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