SEACLIFF Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable 310cm SUP Paddleboard Surfboard


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If you love the outdoors, you’ll love the new Seacliff Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. An inflatable paddle board and a kayak rolled into one for you to explore rivers, lakes or the cool open waters with this rugged yet lightweight SUP board.

With a long 310cm design and a race hull the SFX310 is designed for those who are after more than just a leisurely cruise at times. Importantly, while other inferior models on the market have a basic “hockey stick” side profile, Seacliff’s smooth progressively curved “rocker” ensures optimal performance, whether you are simply cruising about, or when you encounter headwind or waves.

The SFX310 SUP comes complete with all the quality gear you need to hit the water; a telescopic paddle, hand pump with pressure gauge, valve wrench, repair kit and carry bag. The paddle’s telescopic shaft, aluminium body and ABS blade boast supreme rigidity and mobility without compromising weight and durability.

This SUP board is constructed from 10cm thick drop-stitch material which ensures responsive handling, and is so rigid it can support up to 125 kg. You’ll enjoy traditional hard-shell performance, along with the convenient transportation and storage of an inflatable.

Whether you’re paddle boarding or kayaking, there‚Äôs simply no better way to be active, keep fit, and build core strength at the same time!

SeaCliff – Glide Free.

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