ROSSI CUT40 Mk III Portable 40A Plasma Cutter with Built-in


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The Rossi CUT40 MkIII Inverter Plasma Cutter is the perfect high power plasma torch for those jobs that need a little more grunt. This powerful, lightweight inverter has true DC inverter technology and is utilised in the most efficient way possible to produce 96V at up to 40A.

This awesome ‘Go anywhere’ gas plasma torch does not need bulky gas tanks, with the onboard air compressor you can cut up to 8mm. With the assistance of an external air compressor you can easily cut 12mm deep through a variety of metals, steel; ferrous metals and any conductive alloy. The cutting torch on this new design features an HF Pilot-Arc-Start, which penetrates through painted/rusted surfaces and maximises consumable life. Without a doubt, the Rossi CUT40 MkIII is in a league of its own.

The CUT40 MkIII incorporates the latest High Frequency Inverter technology producing the highest quality results with total reliability. it is 100% generator friendly* with its ACC (automatic current compensation) and IGBT Transistor Technology (transistor bridge technology) gives continuous current rectification for improved efficiency with power conversion. Rossi’s IGBT Transistor Technology allows for even longer run times and improved duty cycle within a more compact and reliable unit.

Rossi is the ultimate choice for high speed precision cutting for sheet metal, rods and pipe. Rossi products are backed in Australia; C-Tick approved and fully compliant with mandatory EMC legislation. Don’t compromise on the success of your project, revel in the power! 

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*Min 8.0 kVa required

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