ROSSI 250 Amp AC/DC GTAW Stick Gas Tungsten Arc Portable


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The Rossi TIG-250E a full arc control, AC & DC TIG Welder / MMA Stick Welder that offers a premium 3-in-one solution that can weld just about anything. What sets the Rossi apart from other machines? Not only is this commercial-based machine the most precise, advanced, reliable unit on the market, it also packs a host of Rossi’s exclusive technology, not to mention at an unbeatable price performance ratio!

The TIG-250E is without doubt a breakthrough package in its class, thanks to the efficiency and reliability of Rossi’s Semi-ZenerTM technology. Multiple IGBT inverters ensure continuous current rectification for power conversion exceeding 85%, meaning you can push this powerhouse to the limit and beyond!

If you’re serious about alloys, you’ll appreciate Rossi’s highly innovative adjustable AC square wave balance. When it comes to AC welding this feature gives the operator absolute penetration control against the oxide removal curve.

Rossi’s RapidPulseTM technology is another must have innovation. Taking advantage of advanced microprocessors, it utilises the latest control algorithms to pulse at an incredibly fast rate. As a result you’ll be able to achieve high quality first passes at a faster speedcut your job time and reduce material costs. With RapidPulseTM and the supplied heavy-duty foot pedal you’ll say Good-Bye to burn through as you work with ultra – thin gauge aluminium – the TIG-250E truly is the master of Alloys!

The Rossi TIG-250E features a highly flexible TIG welding range from 10 to 250 Amps AC/DC and full parametric control which enables adjustment of the pulse duty, base current, pulse frequency and pulse width. Add to this push button HF activated arc, Up Slope, Down slope and Post Flow control means working with thin or difficult materials has never been so easy!

MMA/Stick welding ranges from 10 to 230 Amps DC allow you to comfortably master thin metal arc electrodes right up to a 4mm rod with perfect stability of the Arc. The combined HOCV control means low hydrogen rods begin effortlessly. Welding range in MMA/ARC mode is 2mm to 12mm with mild steel plate.

Finally, with a comprehensive cooling system and pure copper Toroidal Transformer ensure it will be a high duty cycle workhorse. No matter what your welding level, the ROSSI TIG-250E will have you producing results like a pro!

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