ROSSI 220 Amp 4-in-1 Multi-Process MIG TIG Stick Portable Inverter


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The new ROSSI MIG-220N Gas/Gasless Inverter Welder is capable of welding or joining just about anything. The MIG-220N handles MIG/TIG and MMA/ARC/Stick producing smooth accurate work – the MIG-220N is the master of metals!

The MIG-220N is a breakthrough machine which utilises the latest in Rossi’s Semi-Zener technology. Multiple IGBT Inverters allowing a huge increase in duty cycle, meaning you can push it to the limit and beyond! With MIG/TIG/MMA capability, it delivers a powerful 20-220A current with super stable arc force control. It’s suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, iron, brass, titanium, carbon steel; making it ideal for fabrication, repairs, and metal body works and more – the Rossi MIG-220N does it all!

The MIG-220N features state-of-the-art twin roller bearing all metal wire drive, precise controls for both Voltage and Current with infinite adjustment of weld strength and wire feed speed and an advanced protective circuit to prevent overload/overheating. Its front panel hosts brass TIG and MMA quick connect fittings for streamlined interchange of welding techniques. The unit’s MIG gun and hose is hardwired onto the unit for greater stability, and can be replaced if necessary by simply removing the units cover to access its connection from the inside.

When it comes to getting the job done fast, there’s nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make the smart investment in quality tools.

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