ROSSI 200A MIG/MAG/MMA/ARC/TIG Multi-Purpose Welder MIG-200, Flux/Solid Wire/CO2 Or Argon


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Introducing The Rossi NEXT GEN welders, more power, more versatile, more efficient. The MIG-200 is a powerful 200 Amp DC MIG/MAG/MMA/Arc TIG Lift-Start inverter welder with iGBT technology. This welder handles most steel alloys and highly conductive metals. It is the must-have multi-purpose welder for anyone who needs a powerful, lightweight, portable welder.

Compact and featuring true iGBT DC inverter technology, you’re assured an instant start and deep penetration. Using advanced SYN-WELD TECHNOLOGY, the ROSSI MIG-200 Adaptive Arc force provides consistent current flow for exceptional clean welds. The advanced cooling system with its high-volume fan ensures effective heat dissipation for continued performance and durability. These features make welding with Argon or CO2* even easier.

With an efficient pure copper Toroidal Transformer and output current that is adjustable between 20A and 200A, you can achieve a quality weld on a wide range of base metals; steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, and other highly conductive metals. The high-quality transistors in the bridge combine to make a continuous current rectifier, giving high speed and precise regulation and continuity of the welding current to produce superior results with the onboard adjustable wire feed, general stick, electrode, and special-purpose rods. It is compatible with solid or flux core materials depending on welding with or without gas.

When TIG* welding you can achieve consistent, highly aesthetic welds thanks to the SYN-WELD TECHNOLOGY. When stick welding, this awesome unit can run a wide range of electrodes. It is well suited to stick welding thicker metals outdoors and even in windy conditions, and easily handles painted, dirty or rusty metals. And with standard DIN connections getting additional accessories is a breeze.

Whether you’re welding at home or work, the Rossi MIG-200 DC Inverter Welder will always give you a quality weld!

*CO2, Ar gas regulators, TIG torch and tungsten needles not included

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