PROTEGE Tight Access Clean/Grey Water Submersible Sump Pump, Vertical Float




The PRG-M1 Tight Access Submersible Grey-Water Pump is an ideal solution for home, garden or business. This new addition to the Protege’s extensive line of pumps is compact in design, and features a vertical float switch that allows it to pump reliably without the float getting hung up on sump or pit walls or other equipment.

This exceptional pump brings enormous capacity in a compact and power-efficient unit, and can pass 50 litres per minute of fresh, grey or salt* water. Featuring a stainless steel shaft with ceramic graphite seals; for long-lasting watertight integrity, a nylon fibreglass impeller; for reliability, and a sturdy polypropylene fibreglass reinforced case, this mighty compact unit delivers.

The Protege PRG-M1 is fully submersible to a depth of 3m and has a 6m vertical delivery capacity. It features fully automatic operation via the built-in float switch turning the pump on and off. The float on-switch is adjustable from 71mm to 170mm and turns off at 70mm. The float switch protects your pump from dry running and overheating by turning off the pump when water reaches the minimum level at which the pump can operate. Pumps without a float or auto-cut-out switch cannot run automatically and have to be manually controlled.

With its impressive 3000 L/H capability, the PRG-M1 Pump can operate as a grey water utility pump, ideal for watering gardens/plants, transferring liquids, draining containers, taking water from tanks, and draining after flooding. With its compact design, it is perfect for a basement or crawl space sump pit pump.

Protege Pumps are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality and this unit is no exception, bringing best-of-breed function and reliability. Save water, time and money by ordering the latest Protege PRG-M1 Tight Access Submersible Grey-Water Pump today!

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