PROTEGE Tight Access Clean/Grey Water Submersible Sump Pump, Integrated Float


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The Protege PRG-M4 Submersible Drainage Pump designed to handle clean water and grey water with solids up to 3mm.

This exceptional pump brings enormous capacity in a compact unit. With a powerful 400 watt motor, it can expel up to 7,000 litres per hour, and has an impressive 7 metre maximum head capability!

It has an integrated float switch that allows it to pump reliably without the risk of getting caught up in debris or on pit walls. The pump can operate as fully automatic between high and low levels (15 cm and 6 cm). It is sure to give you peace of mind during periods of heavy rainfall and flood recovery. Changing the float lever to manual will enable the pump to work right down to a residual water level of 5mm!

This submersible sump pump will operate in manual and automatic mode in a pit of just 250mm x 250mm, making it ideal for applications such as dealing with flooded basements and cellars or draining garden ponds.

Protege Pumps are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality and this unit is no exception, bringing best-of-breed function and reliability.

Protege – the leader in pump innovation.

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