PROTEGE Swimming Pool Spa Variable Speed Water Pump, 1.5HP, 3 Speeds, Quiet, Economical, for Swimming Pool and Spa




The Protege PV110 Variable Pool & Spa Pump is a game-changer in pool maintenance technology. This 1.5hp pump offers the choice of 3 speeds via the user-friendly control panel, allowing you to adjust the flow rate to match your pool’s needs precisely.

At Low speed, filtering will be most effective and will consume less power and also run at less than 70 decibels. When covered by an acoustic box the pump should be almost silent! The quiet operation may give you the option of running during off-peak hours with minimal disturbance to significantly minimise your energy bills. Medium speed is ideal for powering automatic pool cleaners and High speed offers a high flow rate of 417L/min, which is perfect for vacuuming and backwashing.

This pool pump features a heavy-duty commercial-grade copper-wound motor, with quality stainless steel bearings and a mechanical seal that ensures it is capable of 24/7 operation. The Protege PV110 boasts a rugged ABS housing and its compact size makes it a great option for most retrofit installations.

With the choice of 3 speeds and quiet and cost effective operation, the Protege PV110 represents reliability, efficiency, and innovation – making it a smart investment for any pool owner.

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Weight 14.000000 kg