PROTEGE PT-MT6 2.16HP 6-Stage Water Pump with


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Looking for a pump that can handle all your potable water needs? Meet the new PT Series of Protege Pumps!

Introducing the Protege! The PT-MT6 is perfect for a wide range of uses, from commercial grey water systems to agricultural irrigation and even emergency water supply. The pump’s water temperature rating of 60℃ means it can handle even the hottest water.The PT-MT6 can handle any water-related task you throw at it. The pump with the included auto-controller has a maximum flow rate of 108L/min, over 5 times the average tap flow rate of 20L/min. You can wash a car, irrigate your garden and water the lawn all at the same time without worrying about low pressure.

Designed for performance and built to last, the PT-MT6 pump features ease of use and is self-priming. The 6-stage Phthalate-free Advanced Polymer Impellers are mounted on a stainless steel shaft, are strong and stand up to frequent use. The body is made from safe stainless steel and mounted in robust cast iron ends. It has a 9-metre maximum suction lift and a 41-metre maximum head lift. This pump is built to last!

Protege pairs the pump with a 1300W (1.5 hp) pure copper wound motor with a surge maximum of 1560W (1.8 hp). Giving this efficient motor reliability and longevity is its construction. With its copper wound rotor and heavy-duty stator, the motor is mounted in aluminium with a finned heat sink chassis that keeps it running cool.

Use multiple taps without the hassle of water pressure fluctuation. The Protege PT MT-6 comes with an automatic pump controller. It offers constant stable ‘on-demand’ pressure that automatically monitors water pressure upon opening or closing of any tap. Designed for permanent installation for general use in domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural grey water. This controller assures strong ‘mains equivalent’ water pressure. The IP 54 class protection, impact-resistant rust-free body and marine grade seals make this the ideal controller for our PT series pumps. It is easy to use, simply plug it into any 240V socket in serial with the pump. The controller pressure is manually adjustable to provide the pressure you need. Along with bright LED function lights, and accurate pressure gauges, this pump controller features electronic automatic switching to sense the pressure and flow of water in the system. It helps make your water supply worry-free.

Experience the power and reliability of the PT-MT6 for yourself!

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