PROFLEX Pair of 2.5lb Rubber-Coated Olympic Weight Plates for Gym


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The JusBfit Series launched by Proflex is true commercial-grade gear that makes it ideal for anyone looking for gear that will stand the test of time. The range of Olympic Weight Plates are heavy-duty in structural integrity with one-piece forged construction and ergonomically engineered for comfortable and safe handling. They feature ultra-rugged, split, crack and peel resistant rubber casings to protect your floors and other equipment. The steel inner rings allow the weights to easily slide along an Olympic bar.

The plates are ideal for use with any Olympic sized barbell, dumbbell handles, plate loaded or single station machine, or for an infinite number of exercises such including weight assisted sit-ups, roman chair back extensions, overhead presses, lateral shoulder raises. With these JusBfit Series weight plates you’ll be able to press your way to muscle-building greatness!

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