PROFLEX Adjustable Incline Weight Bench for Home Gym Fitness


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Want to avoid exorbitant gym memberships and the sweaty crowds that frequent them? The Proflex B350 Multi-Station Weight Bench is all you need for a great total body workout. You’ll work out in comfort with the high-density cushioning, protected by high-quality sweat-proof material.

The B350 features an ArcTechTM frame– a sleek, curved tubular design. Not only will the B350 look the part in any home gym, it’s heavy-duty 200kg weight bearing capacity will support almost any fitness junkie’s barbell set! Unlike other benches on the market, the Proflex B350 is a full-sized model with a width that spans 95cm. This provides the stability you need while lifting, and also adequate room for hand placement on your barbell. The superior stability also means you can confidently support yourself on the bench for other exercises like dips and lunges!

This versatile piece of equipment enables you to do the key upper body exercises; bench press, military press and chest flys! And, with the comprehensive four bench incline levels you’ll be able to target all areas of your chest equally. Plus, with the large preacher pad you can isolate your biceps and develop grip strength, as you smash out some sets of curls.

Skipping leg day won’t be something you’ll consider with the ability to tailor the comfortable ankle supports to your height. You’ll look forward to toning your quads with the extension function, and will curl your way to strong calves and glutes. For your convenience, the leg station comes with a sleeve adapter enabling it to accept either standard or olympic weight plates.

Press, curl and lift your way to the body you’ve always wanted – order the Proflex B350 Multi-Station Weight Bench today!

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