PROFLEX 20kg Olympic Barbell with Collars, and Pairs of Weight


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If you’re looking to get fit or stay jacked this Proflex Commercial-Grade Olympic Combo is perfect for anyone looking for gear that will stand the test of time

You get the 20kg HULKFIT Series Needle Bearing Olympic Barbell, a pair of high-strength nylon collars and a set of JustBfit series weight plates.


Built and designed with durability and performance in mind, it’s no surprise the great reception this HULKFIT Series 20kg barbell has received from the US Market.

It measures 220cm in total length, is zinc coated for superior rust prevention and has a serious 700lb maximum weight load! The Olympic sleeves, measuring 395mm each, features a slightly etched steel finish to ensure plate sliding during lifts is kept to a minimum. Inside each sleeve are 4 high quality needle bearings and a brass bushing to provide superior spin and rotation compared to ball bearing and bushing systems. This contributes to safe Olympic weightlifting movements and other intense lifts, while providing great whip action to enhance each lift!

A pair of high-strength nylon collars ensuring you make quick and effortless weight plate changes in between sets. Say goodbye once and for all to those fiddly metal spring clips!

JusBfit Series Olympic Weight Plates are heavy-duty in structural integrity with one-piece forged construction and ergonomically engineered for comfortable and safe handling. They feature ultra-rugged, split, crack and peel resistant rubber casings to protect your floors and other equipment.

Plates from 10 lbs and up feature the unique triple-grip design with integrated separators that prevent ”nipped” fingers when loading weights, and the steel inner rings allow the weights to easily slide along a bar.

The plates are ideal for use with any Olympic sized barbell, dumbbell handles, plate loaded or single station machine, or for an infinite number of exercises such including weight assisted sit-ups, roman chair back extensions, overhead presses, lateral shoulder raises.


With this Proflex Commercial-Grade Combo you’ll be able to lift and press your way to muscle-building greatness!

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