POLYCOOL 3.2L Portable Ice Cube Maker Machine Automatic with LCD


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Have you ever been frustrated by lack of ice at a party or gathering? With the Polycool 3.2L Portable Ice Maker you’ll be able to serve up fresh ice whenever you need it! With the press of a button this convenient automatic tabletop ice maker produces up to 110 top-quality crystalline bullet-shaped ice cubes per hour–which is equivalent to 15kg in a day!

Simply kick back and enjoy the festivities as Polycool silently does its thing, as you’re safe in the knowledge that advanced sensor technology pauses production when the container is full. There’s a practical inspection window and an intuitive control panel which provides full-container and low-water indication. You can also select from three ice bullet sizes, so that you and your guests can have the best drinking experience. 

The Polycool ice maker machine maker comes with a bonus food-grade scoop and a removable basket for easy serving of quality ice cubes. At just 12kg the compact and portable PolyCool Ice Maker is a must-have not only for enjoying refreshing beverages at home, but also weekends away, camping trips and parties.

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