PLANTCRAFT 12 Pod Indoor Hydroponic Growing System with Fish


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The MY FARM 12 Pod Indoor Hydroponics Growing System is an elegant addition to any home decor, allowing you to raise plants and take care of fish all at the same time. It gives plants and fish a healthier and cleaner environment with its innovative design that includes 110 smart LED grow lights and two separate water circulation filtering systems to ensure clean water and ample nutrients. Utilising a revolutionary design with 2 separate water circulation systems, the MY FARM System provides an optimal environment for healthy fish and lush plant growth by providing sufficient nutrients and clean water.

The proper lighting system helps both fish and plants adapt to their living environment. The large 13L capacity tank ensures water only needs to be refilled about once a month. Enjoy the pretty plants up top and the beautiful underwater scenery down below in one kit! Research conducted in 2015 in the UK has even found that the calming effect of fish tanks has actual positive effects on mental and physical well being.

This MY FARM Hydroponics System comes with 12 planting baskets which can be used to raise all kinds of plants or flowers. It also features two LED lights and an extendable lamp arm for optimal lighting to meet the requirements of various vegetables and plants.

This MY FARM Hydroponics System can support more than a hundred different plants, including vegetables, decorative plants and fresh herbs. Add to that, this special model also comes with a built-in water system which guarantees fresh air and water for you to raise up to 5 fishes.

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