ROSSI 45A Plasma Cutter, Non-Touch Pilot ARC for Easy Cuts of Painted or Rusty Metals, DC Inverter Cutting Machine, Compressed Air


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The Rossi Next Gen CUT-45 Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter is the latest innovation in high-power plasma torches. This powerful, lightweight inverter has true DC inverter technology to produce 98 volts up to 45 amps.

This easy-to-use Rossi is equipped with Pilot ARC technology to penetrate through painted, rusted and greasy and uneven metals with zero preparation and maximises consumable life! This outstanding plasma torch can easily cut through 8mm of steel and up to 12mm deep through a variety of metals, steel, ferrous metals and conductive alloys. The user interface also includes a gas post-flow setting, amperage adjustment and gas flow test. The onboard pressure gauge and air flow adjustment give you precise control of your external; air source.

The Rossi CUT-45 Inverter technology produces high-quality results with total reliability. It is generator friendly* with its ACC (automatic current compensation) using IGBT Transistor Technology. It has continuous current rectification for improved efficiency and power conversion. Rossi’s IGBT Transistor Technology allows an improved duty cycle within a more compact and reliable unit.

Rossi is the ultimate choice in high-speed precision cutting for sheet metal, beams and pipe. Rossi products are engineered for Quality and Safety. It has a gas test feature, Overheat, overload, shock and, dust and debris resistance in a quality durable case means you don’t compromise on the success of your projects.

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