MTM Carbide Tipped 40 Tooth Brush Cutter Blade Whipper Snipper


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These premium MTM 255mm Carbide blades have landed and are already becoming the most demanded by professional operators and serious home users alike!

Composed of high grade light weight alloy, these true commercial blades feature aggregated carbide tipped teeth that do not require sharpening and last up to ten times longer than regular blades. Meanwhile, the advanced tear-hole surface structure greatly reduces heat and prolongs blade life.

Ideal for cutting thick and stubborn scrub and can also be used for pruning, hedging, and more! In fact these blades are so tough, they’ve been tested and proven to instantly slice through small saplings in one pass.

Featuring a standard 25.4mm Arbor, ensuring compatibility with almost all garden equipment brands.

Considered the ultimate all-in-one king of cutting, slashing and pruning, these blades will outlast and outperform equivalent units retailing in excess of $150 -a bold statement backed by our famous satisfaction guarantee!

Carbide Material:
Usually, tips of cutting blades are made from plain metal which require sharpening over time. Carbide cutting is reputed to be one of the strongest and most durable alloys in the market. It lasts 10x longer and more flexible thus, is considered the ultimate for cutting the toughest garden scrub.

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