FORTIA Desk Monitor Stand 2 Arm Dual Computer Holder Bracket


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The FORTIA Dual Computer Monitor Stand maximises your productivity and efficiency while reducing the likelihood of straining your neck and eyes all day thanks to its ergonomic design. This means more enjoyable work with less frustration and lost time. Free yourself from the restriction of being stuck in one immobile position switching between multiple programs within a single screen, with FORTIA you can now experience maximum viewing flexibility in a healthier way.

Capable of mounting 2 monitors, each arm of the FORTIA Monitor Stand can hold up to 8kg. It is cleverly adjustable, enabling you to effortlessly rotate each screen from landscape to portrait position, swivel it from left to right, or tilt it forwards or backwards. Your work space will now be personalised to your unique preferences with the easily configurable monitor stand, putting the ability to change your desk set up firmly in your hands.

Suitable for homes and offices, the FORTIA Monitor Stand frees up valuable space on your desk and clears up the clutter so you can comfortably place other important items within easy reach. Divide your tasks for instant accessibility when working across multiple programmes and be empowered by sharing content across two screens enabling more fruitful meetings and discussions.

A must have for gamers, streamers and designers, the FORTIA Monitor Stand allows you to create a more immersive and focused workspace. It is incredibly easy to attach, perfectly fitting monitors with the 75 and 100 VESA hole patterns.

With the FORTIA Dual Computer Monitor Stand, you can position the monitors at the ergonomically correct height and the retractable arms allow you to create the ideal composition tailored for your work space. It also comes with a cable management system, keeping the cables tidy, secure and organised as you work.

Designed to give you the ultimate benefits of flexibility, superior experience and effortless usability, the FORTIA Dual Computer Monitor Stand is the choice of our generation.

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