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Italian designed Eurochef Commercial Spiral Mixers are renowned for robust design, quality, and superb results. The range features copper industrial-duty motors and is engineered specifically for ideal dough-mixing and kneading results. Mixtures that overwhelm other designs, such as pizza dough, are handled easily, quickly and efficiently. Doughs of all kinds, from heavy to high-hydration artisan doughs, are smooth, silky and perfectly developed.

Construction of this 10L model is heavy-duty throughout, as attested to by the mixer’s substantial 60kg weight. Unlike inferior models that employ a noisy chain drive system the Eurochef Commercial range features a high torque dual-belt drive system. A timer allows you to program and set appropriate mixing times for various products. Built-in safety features include emergency stop and bowl guard switch.

Eurochef Spiral mixers are ideal for business owners who recognise the importance of quality and reliability for increasing production and maximising profits. The EuroChef Commercial range is offered directly at wholesale prices, making this spiral dough mixer a smart investment for savvy owners of bakeries and pizzerias.

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