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If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of experiencing an injury, not only do you deserve to maintain independence, but you should also look forward to the smoothest recovery possible. The Equipmed Premium Edition is without doubt the ultimate mobility device for anyone with a foot or ankle related injury. This flagship model is lightyears ahead of crutches, and is also vastly superior to other knee walkers on the market. Hiring a basic knee scooter can be up to $70 per week, and so you’ll soon be way in front by purchasing your own! Here’s why the Equipmed Edition Knee Scooter is exactly what you need.

Solid Alloy frame
Take one look at the frame and it’s clear to see the next level design that sets this model apart. It features a lightweight 12kg solid alloy design which has the strength to take riders of up to 136kg. It can also be folded in seconds to a height of just 31cm!

WideTrak steering system
Unlike other knee walkers, where the entire front axle turns when cornering, the Equipmed premium features the Widetrak steering system, where the wheels turn individually. Importantly, this ensures that all wheels maintain full axle width while turning, in order to ensure that you have maximum stability.

SoftRide Suspension
Naturally, the less vibration your injured limb experiences the better. Fortunately, the Equipmed Premium features a heavy-duty in-built suspension system complete with shock and spring dampening!

Disc Braking
Why settle for a basic braking system when you can have the stopping power and smoothness of disc brakes. You’ll experience optimal comfort and safety even in wet conditions. For added convenience, a park brake button is also located on the brake lever.

Ideal for all riders
The handlebar and leg rest are customisable in seconds using the quick release levers, making this model perfectly suited for either adults or children.

Removable carry bag
The carry bag hooks onto the front of the scooter and hides your personal belongings from sight. It features an easy access pouch for a drink bottle, and can be easily removed for carrying around.

8” Wheels
The large front wheels make for easy turning, and their solid PVC design offers smooth rolling and will never puncture or require filling with air.


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