Equipmed Folding Transit Manual Wheelchair, Attendant Propelled, Steel Frame, XL Wide Seat, 114kg Capacity, Park Brakes, for Travel, Transport


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The Equimed Transitline XL is a premium folding transport wheelchair with innovative features that make it the smart choice for caregivers seeking convenience, reliability, and comfort. Crafted with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, this wheelchair is built to last, boasting an impressive 114kg weight capacity.

Designed for user comfort, the Equipmed Transport Wheelchair features swing up footrests for effortless access, a bariatric rated extra wide 51cm seat, and plush padded armrests. The easy-clean vinyl material ensures quick maintenance, while the backrest storage pouch is handy for storing favourite reading material. Adjust the seat belt for a secure fit during short-term mobility needs, whether it’s a trip to the park, doctor’s appointments, or navigating airports with ease.

Thick 12-inch rear wheels ensure a smooth ride over bumps on a range of surfaces. Not only that, they also offer the practicality of not requiring to be refilled with air and will never experience a puncture! With a swift 2-second folding action, caregivers can easily transport this wheelchair wherever it’s needed.

Caregivers will appreciate the ergonomic handles for easy manoeuvring, and park brakes on both wheels offer optimal safety. Experience the convenience and versatility of the Equipmed Transport Wheelchair – a reliable companion on the move.

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