CARSON 2.9kW Portable Air Conditioner and Heater, with Dehumidifier &


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Keep your home comfortable all year-round with the Carson PA300 Portable Air Conditioner and Heater. Just sit back, relax, and use the remote control to adjust the temperature from the comfort of your lounge.

Equipped with reverse cycle technology, you can conveniently use the Carson PA300 Portable AC to keep your home cool during summer and cosy warm during winter. With an impressive capacity of 2.9kW, it’s ideal for regulating the climate of rooms up of to 22 square metres.

Thanks to the 360° swivel caster wheels, the highly portable design allows you to effortlessly place the unit wherever it’s needed most. The easily installable, adjustable window exhaust kit simplifies the removal of warm or cool air, making the process a breeze!

The PA300 offers more than just air conditioning; it includes a dehumidifier mode to reduce the level of moisture in the air, making it ideal for humid or damp environments. Thanks to its integrated self-evaporation system, you can set it and forget it, as it efficiently eliminates the need for constant water emptying, ensuring a hassle-free experience.*

Set the timer on the user-friendly LCD display up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring you come home to the perfect temperature every time.

* The frequency of emptying water is dependent on the level of humidity in the air and also the mode the unit is operating in e.g. the dehumidify function will require more frequent emptying.

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