BIO 2400W Electric Outdoor Patio Heater- Spectra


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BIO Spectra 32 premium radiant outdoor strip heaters have modern minimalist aesthetics which looks stylish on any wall or ceiling. Delivering super efficient heating any time of the year, enjoy a warm and cosy atmosphere while socialising with family and friends.

Easy to integrate into any outdoor living space, these electric heaters promise silent and maintenance-free operation. Equipped with a lead and plug for simple installation, they are designed with swivel brackets to allow for the flexibility to mount to almost anywhere undercover on walls, ceilings or beams and is operated using a single switch activation.

With durable junction boxes, the Spectra 32 heaters offer better resistance to high temperature for greater security and more protected circuits.

A 2400 watt electric element is embedded in the black anodised aluminium strip that rapidly produces even and gentle heat dispersion. Plus, unlike gas heaters there is no glow or glare, and no need to refuel – providing huge running costs savings.

Keep yourself warm especially through the coolest months of the year. Buy a BIO Spectra 32 Radiant Strip Heater today!

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