Baumr-AG SYNC Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower Electric Hand-held Garden Tool


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Baumr-AG continues to deliver innovative gardening tools with the SYNC series BL3 Lithium Leaf Blower. This Baumr-AG series packs some serious punch, offering the solution for high velocity clearing power that works. Powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery, this cordless tool brings the solution you need to tame the outdoors without the fumes. And for added benefit, all models within the SYNC series are all operable with the same 20V lithium battery.

One of the greatest attributes of this leaf blower is its no fuss design. It’s extremely portable and low-maintenance with no mess, fumes, or fuelling up. The super-durable yet lightweight body, rubber over moulded throttle control handle and narrow nozzle are hugely beneficial features when you’re dealing with scattered leaves and grass. This ergonomic and lightweight design allows you to work for long periods of time with little fatigue, meaning you’ll be able to blow with precision and get the results you desire.

Another fantastic feature of the BL3 is its 5-speed blowing capacity. This allows you to choose from five basic modes that are especially useful when dealing with varying leaf blowing needs. The BL3 blower is perfect for keeping your suburban jungle in order!

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