Baumr-AG Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum 4 Stroke – Vac Garden


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The new BAUMR-AG BVX420 25cc 4-stroke blower and vacuum has landed! This versatile and lightweight blower will truly make your gardening duties a lot easier to shoulder, it converts into an outdoor vacuum in a matter of seconds!

Powered by a quiet 4-stroke 25cc low-emissions engine, removing leaf litter and debris is now a breeze. Its ultra-light weight serves to minimize any arm fatigue, while still engineered specifically for great maneuverability and maximum output. The most outstanding attribute of this unit is its blower/vacuum combination function. You can now tidy up your lawn in the most efficient, time saving way by either blowing debri out of the way, or vacuuming it up for composting. 

This unit clears your lawn and gets rid of stubborn sticks and dirt, leaving you free for the more enjoyable things in life. All of this without the inconvenience of a tangled and inflexible electrical cord – you won’t have any complaints after using it! The BVX420 is a well balanced, lightweight, comfortable and user friendly unit that brings the power to get tedious yard work done in no time at all.

So, start enjoying more of your spare time in a clean and clear yard – order your BAUMR-AG BVX420 25cc 4-stroke blower/vacuum today! 

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