Baumr-AG Metal Cut-Off Saw 14″ Drop Chop Circular Cutting Machine


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The Baumr-AG COS-355 14″ Portable Metal Cut-Off Saw makes the cut every single time. Built with the same heavy-duty construction that Baumr-AG is known for mixed with a cutting edge ergonomic design, your Metal Cut-Off Saw makes any job a cinch. Whether you’re a professional metal worker or DIY enthusiast the COS-355 Drop Saw is the perfect tool for all your cutting needs.

Powered by an exceptional high-torque 2,500W motor that drives its thick 355mm cutting disc. Boasting a massive 110 x 130 mm cutting capacity, this beast goes through metal with ease. The COS-355 is mounted on a solid pressed steel base and is equipped with an adjustable quick set and release vice that can be adjusted for up to a 45° mitre cut, giving it unrivalled stability and ensures a clean, precise cut each time. Its large, retractable spark guard gives you peace of mind and assures you of a safe and secure cutting experience.

With unparalleled reliability that Baumr-AG is known for, the COS-355 Chop Saw is sure to make any cutting job a breeze.

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