BAUMR-AG HC-120 1800W 120mm Handheld Concrete Core


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This Handheld Diamond Core Wet/Dry Drilling Machine surpasses all expectations in every facet of its design, from its robust construction to its intelligent features.


The HC-120 brings superior performance with a handheld core drill maximum diamond bit diameter of 120mm, this machine is up for any challenge. It pierces through reinforced concrete, red brick, and even granite, making it the perfect companion for a wide range of construction and repair tasks. It elevates your drilling experience to new heights. Experience effortless control and accuracy while ensuring the utmost safety and stability.


With an 1800W motor, the Baumr-AG core drill offers relentless power, letting you tackle any project with ease. Experience the highest reliability with the copper motor. The HC-120 has a built-in slip-clutch system. This intelligent feature delivers maximum power and protects the machine from overloading and sudden bit seizing, guaranteeing consistent performance. Combined with its no-load speed of 1900RPM, this machine conquers the toughest materials, leaving no room for compromise.


Prepare to be blown away by the versatility, power, and precision. Whether it’s demolition, drilling, digging, punching or even mixing, this powerhouse is your trusted companion for every task. From installing HVAC lines, running conduits, punching holes for pipes, erecting stair railings, mineral sampling and even repairing sewers or highways, this machine exceeds expectations. Not only can it be used anywhere you can carry this lightweight titan. This powerful, lightweight machine makes it convenient to carry and use in any position ensuring precision in every task. The included polycarbonate shoulder stock and non-slip handle ensure a secure grip, allowing for precise control and reducing fatigue during extended usage.


With its comprehensive IP54 rating, this machine is both dust-protected and splash-resistant. Crafted with attention to detail, this diamond core wet drill has aluminium construction that guarantees unparalleled strength and longevity. The copper water inlet is rustproof and has a built-in on/off flow valve. The steel-forged drill shaft provides exceptional quality and robustness for this professional tool.


No matter the environment, you can rely on its durability and unwavering performance making it a truly smart investment. This Baumr-AG Wet/Dry Core Drill provides high performance even in challenging environments. You can count on Baumr-AG when faced with the harshest conditions.


Designed to provide the ultimate user experience, this hand held wet-core drill machine has a range of thoughtful features. The inline circuit interrupt switch has an overload protector preventing motor damage. The on/off switch is chassis mounted which adds an extra layer of safety. The double insulation on the motor provides machine and operator protection, ensuring the utmost safety for the operator.

Choose the Diamond Core Wet/Dry Drilling Machine that outshines the competition in every aspect.


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