BAUMR-AG CVS506 6 Metre x 50mm Concrete Vibrating Shaft, Australian


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Elevate your concrete projects with the Baumr-AG Concrete/Cement Flexible Vibrator Poker. A concrete vibrating poker ensures bubble-free concrete and cement pours. The CVS Series of vibrating shafts boasts a 50mm (2 inch) Australian industry standard 3-claw drive. A dog coupling ensures a quick and secure fit. Our concrete vibrator drive units power these flexible shafts. An improved concentric motor design optimises the release of air bubbles. Just immerse the vibrator head for efficient compaction and drive out trapped air from wet concrete or cement to enhance strength and finish.

These rugged tools are designed to tackle the toughest jobs effortlessly. Built with a heavy-duty design, these flexible drive vibrators have a steel helix sleeve protecting the vibrating head and preventing damage to the flexible shaft. They are perfect for daily use by tradesmen and professional contractors with their high reliability and durability.

Don’t let the potentially catastrophic effects of honeycombing compromise your work. Upgrade to Baumr-AG’s industrial concrete vibrator shafts for superior results.

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