Baumr-AG 600W 12″ Pedestal Floor Drill Press, 12 Speeds, 16mm


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The Baumr-AG DP19 Pedestal Drill Press is the cornerstone addition to any workshop. Featuring 12 speed variable RPM settings, a 16mm solid stainless steel chuck and a 600W brushless motor offering the power and longevity you need. This floor mounted unit offers the torque, components and versatility required to execute a range of drilling tasks through a whole host of materials.

The DP19 pedestal drill has been designed with smooth, powerful and consistent drilling in front of mind. Its 80mm depth adjustable drill travel is accompanied by a sturdy cast iron work table, accommodating the various types of objects to be drilled and the precision required. The Baumr-AG floor drill press offers a generous 12″ (305mm) swing, and the work table is also angle adjustable up to 45° in either direction. The large three spoke handle works in harmony with the rack and pinion spindle feed to produce a clean and fluid press. The chuck guard can be extended downwards to offer optimal user protection and can be easily retracted for quick drill bit changes. The DP19 has a large easy access emergency shut-off button, It also comes fitted with dust protected NVR switches, so no restart will occur once power is restored in the event of an outage.

Baumr-AG delivers market leading excellence in a whole range of workshop power equipment. The DP19 Drill Press offers a convenient, compact and dependable drilling solution to an endless list of projects.

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