BAUMR-AG 150L Grass Catcher, for 30″ 300RX Electric Ride on




The Baumr-AG BGC-30 mower grass catcher is the ultimate accessory for lawn maintenance and care. Our custom collection system is designed for easy attachment to your Net-Zero electric ride-on mower. This accessory kit includes everything you need to upgrade your lawn care routine.

It features a sturdy steel alloy system that supports tough and lightweight nylon mesh bags. These bags are engineered to facilitate maximum airflow, enabling the included turbo-fan steel blades to generate maximum vacuuming action for efficient grass-clipping collection. The innovative design splits the clippings into two catcher baskets for easy handling and disposal.

Our thoughtful rear-mounted bags and well-placed vacuum tube are designed to neatly fit out of the way, ensuring unobtrusive operation while allowing the attachment of towable accessories without removing the bagger frame. Upgrade your mowing routine with this convenient grass catcher accessory, making lawn care a breeze.

ENHANCED APPEARANCE – Bagging gives your lawn a clean, manicured look using our bagging system to remove grass clippings.

REDUCED THATCH – Our bagging system allows better water and nutrient penetration into the soil.

REDUCE DISEASE AND FUNGI – Safeguard your lawn by disposing of grass clippings through our bagging method.

IMPROVED WEED CONTROL – Effectively reduce weed growth as our system removes seeds and potential sources of weed propagation.

EASY CLEAN-UP AND DISPOSAL – Achieve a tidy lawn effortlessly, eliminating the need for additional clean-up after mowing.

EFFICIENT COMPOSTING – Accelerate the composting process for nutrient-rich fertiliser

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