Baumr-AG 1500W Magnetic Annular Cutter Drill Press, Automatic


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Versatile, accurate and fast, with strong magnetic adhesion, the Baumr-AG BM-AC5 Annular Magnetic Drill is an essential tool when performing heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication work. True to the Baumr-AG brand name, the Annular Cutter series is unmatched for performance and value. With its powerful 1500 watt motor, you can effortlessly cut precise and clean holes between 12-50mm and up to 70mm deep, in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

A pilot pin not only ensures accuracy, but also activates the integrated lubricant system. This automatic system not only provides efficient cutting, but also optimal life for your cutter bits. With the serious power on tap and lubrication system you can expect to cut holes up to ten times faster than a standard drill press!

With an integrated handle and electro-magnetic base you can easily shift it to where you need to work. At the flick of a switch the base engages an incredible 13500 newtons of adhesive force! With the Baumr-AG BM-AC5 Annular drill you can look forward to fast set-ups, high productivity and with clean, safe results.

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