AURELAQUA Solar Swimming Pool Cover + Roller Wheel Adjustable 400


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Swimming is a truly Australian pastime, and pools are such a fantastic amenity to your home. However, there are inconveniences with constantly maintaining a household pool. The Aurelaqua Solar Swimming Pool Cover with Roller greatly reduces these inconveniences by providing a host of beneficial care, maintenance and money saving functions.

The innovative split blue and silver isothermal design fulfills unique benefits for your pool.  While the sun is shining, the translucent blue rippled surface allows for greater heat to easily pass through, magnified by the bubbles to naturally heat the water. The silver underside then acts to trap the heat underneath and retain the pools warmth for longer periods of time, which means swimming seasons extend further into the year. This isothermal effect also inhibits the negative effects of photosynthesis such as the proliferation of algae.  

The Aurelaqua Solar Swimming Pool Cover with Roller also eliminates 98% of your pools water evaporation and keeps expensive chemicals needed to maintain pool health from escaping through the surface. Your pool will be exceptionally clean all year with the cover denying any debris access to the water. Moreover, the 400 Micron Bubble is the perfect weight and thickness for pool owners who wish to regularly take the cover on and off with ease, while durable enough to withstand tearing, sun and chemical damage.

Designed in industrial-grade stainless steel and aluminium, the roller will stand the test of time. It has eight blanket clips for even drag and distribution on the pole. The low-friction crank wheel lets you wind in the pool cover without getting winded.

This product is an innovative solution providing practical and economic benefits to enhance the overall quality of household pools. Your pool should be there for your leisure and not another chore, so take the plunge and roll out the Aurelaqua Solar Swimming Pool Cover with Roller to enjoy your pool without the concern of monitoring its heating or cleaning!

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